Fitness Center Policies

Fitness Center Policies

The following policies regarding the use of the fitness center are geared towards keeping everyone safe and ensuring a clean, accessible, and healthy atmosphere for all members and guests.

Conduct and Etiquette

Respect the rights of others by using courteous and appropriate behavior. Profanity is not allowed.  Please follow the Y values of Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility to govern behavior.  Consult our Code of Conduct for a more detailed description.

Cardio Time Limit

During busy times or when people are waiting, please limit use of the cardio equipment to 30 minutes.

Rack Your Weights

As a courtesy, when using free weights (or other movable equipment) please return them to their proper place at the end of your workout, making sure to strip bars and return plates to storage racks.

Proper Attire & Hygiene

Appropriate workout attire is required.  No swimsuits or clothing that may be inappropriate in a family environment allowed.  Shirts must be worn at all times.  Non-marking, closed toe athletic shoes must be worn in all fitness areas.  Please be courteous to others by observing proper regular hygiene and limiting use of perfumed sprays.

Wipe down equipment

Members must wipe down equipment with paper towels when finished.  Cleaning spray and paper towels are provided in both the weight and cardio rooms.

Report Equipment Malfunctions & Injuries

Fitness center participants should report all equipment malfunctions, personal injuries and specific concerns immediately to the staff.

Circuits and Lingering on Equipment

If you intend to perform more than one set of repetitions on a machine, please allow others to work in between your sets.  Be careful not to interfere with another’s workout by lingering too long on any one piece of equipment.

Age Guidelines

Members and guests age 16 and older are permitted full use of the Fitness Center.  For youth under age 16, please see Youth Fitness Policy


Closed water bottles are allowed.  No food or gum permitted in any fitness area.

TV Monitors

Please do not touch the TV monitors or the controls on the TVs.  Use remote to change channels if necessary.  Please do not adjust the volume on the TV monitors.

Gym Bags

For your safety, store personal items including gym bags, purses, extra clothing, etc. in the locker rooms.   For information regarding our locker rooms, including locker rental please see our Facility Use Guidelines.

Fitness Center Orientations

It is highly recommended that all members participate in an Equipment Orientation.  This is a FREE benefit included in your membership.

Personal Trainers

The YMCA offers Personal Training for our facility members and guests.  USE OF NON-YMCA PERSONAL TRAINERS IS PROHIBITED WITHIN OUR FACILITIES.