Preschool Readiness


Is my child ready, how do I know?

Each child is different and has a unique set of characteristics that determines school readiness.  Many of these skills will be developed at preschool.  Here are a few key traits to look for when determining school readiness.

  • Independence  Is your child ready to be independent?  Are they trying to do things all by themselves and accomplishing small tasks independently?
  • Enjoy interacting with other children  Does your child enjoy play groups and doing activities with others?
  • Responds to Routine  Is your child able to follow simple routines and transition between activities?
  • Endurance  Is your child ready for a two day or three day a week class?  Think about their stamina and level of energy when deciding what class is right for your child.

What can I do to prepare my child for the first day of class?

The first step is beginning to plan more social activities for your child.  Sharing, taking turns, and playing cooperatively with others can be very difficult for young children, so start planning those play dates now.

Give your child a sense of what to expect.  It is natural for young children to be both excited and nervous about the start of school.  Reading books about school is a great way to help your child prepare for the first day.  We invite you to attend our parent orientation and welcome to school meetings in September so your child can meet his teachers and see his classroom.

Separation anxiety can vary greatly in each child.  Begin to plan your good-bye ritual before the first day of school.  Allow yourself and your child ample time to get ready in the morning and leave the house.  The less hectic the morning is, the smoother drop off at school will be.  Always make sure you say good-bye, and that you will be back.  Never try to sneak out.  A quick good bye works the best. The teachers will care and tend to anyone that need a little extra help adjusting to the new school routine.