Family Resources


Family Resources

The Tri-Cities Family YMCA & Learning Tree Preschool partner with families to support the education, health and happiness of every child.  Serving families has always been at the heart of the Y. We are a place where they can find respite from social, economic and educational challenges, and learn how to overcome them. We have a fundamental desire to provide opportunities for every family to build stronger bonds, achieve greater work/life balance, and become more engaged with their communities.

We place great value on providing a child-safe & child-centered atmosphere where children grow, learn and thrive! To bring about meaningful change, individuals need ongoing encouragement and tools. We’re here day-in and day-out to provide the resources our communities need to address the most pressing social issues. We work to make sure every child, family and community has what they need to achieve their best.  On this page, we will share content and resources to help achieve these goals.



Mindfulness is the intentional, accepting, and non-judgmental focus of one’s attention on the emotions, thoughts, and sensations occurring in the present moment.  Mindfulness practices counteract and deactivate the stress response.  Once outside of the stress response (feeling nervous, anxious, frustrated, irritated, worried), we can creatively respond to each situation, rather than simply reacting to it from the place of stress.

HOW TO TAKE 5 DEEP BREATHS – One is Good, Three is Great, Five is Fabulous

Taking five, deep breaths, bringing full awareness to the sensation of breathing in and breathing out, negates the stress response, allowing for self regulation, self control and more harmonious conflict resolution.

  • STEP ONE:  Take one deep breath, in through your nose.  Feel the cool air rushing across your nostrils.  Bring the air all the way down your belly.  Pause.
  • STEP TWO:  Exhale slowly through the nose, pressing your belly button back toward your spine.  Feel the warm air rush out across your nostrils.  Pause.
  • STEP THREE:  Repeat the deep breathing four more times.  Think in your mind, “breathing in, I am breathing in, breathing out, I am breathing out” as your breathe in and out.
  • STEP FOUR:  Exhale through the mouth with a “haaaaa” if you need to release a lot of stress or emotion.

Notice how you feel.  Are you out of the stress response?  Ready to creatively respond to the moment, not react?  Here are a few other great techniques you can try at home:

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