Volunteering & Family Action Board

Welcome to the FAB! (Family Action Board)

Here at Learning Tree Preschool, we understand the importance of forming strong connections and relationships with our parents.  The “Parent Voice” can be heard throughout our preschool: in the classrooms through all our volunteer opportunities, helping to run our two fundraisers during the year, and most importantly at our FAB meetings!  This group of parents supports our preschool through their talents and ideas, organizing and running fundraisers, and contributing their time to the preschool program.  If you want to make a lasting impression on your child’s preschool experience, then the FAB is for you!

Committee-of-Parents-COPS~~element107Fundraising at Learning Tree

As a non-profit organization the Learning Tree Preschool relies on fundraising and donations from people that believe in our cause. We are here to educate our children to be good citizens, creative thinkers, develop a love of learning and a sense of community.

Every year our fundraising events grow and change, keeping families engaged in the fundraising process. Without the support of our Learning Tree families, and the local community, we would be unable to complete our fundraising mission each year. We believe strongly in our FAB organization who not only support us through their efforts but through their love and devotion to our preschool.  Won’t you come along and join us!

Our Fundraising Goals

As a non-profit organization, the Learning Tree Preschool relies heavily on fundraising to enhance our school. Our ultimate goal is to have enough funds raised to build a new outdoor,  fenced in space for our preschool. This goal however, is further down the pike than we would like, so we also continue to work on some smaller more attainable goals at the same time. Some of these include; a new circle time carpet, a portable sink, and to go along with our HATCH istartsmart computer system, computer pads that can be used individually. The generosity of our LTPS families has in the past allowed us to provide scholarships for families in need, given our teachers the tools they need to create a rich learning environment, provide for purchases and improvements, new classroom equipment, and continued professional education for our teachers.

Donating to Learning Tree Preschool

Fundraising Note:  Throughout the year there will be many opportunities to support all the wonderful experiences we provide for our children. You may, at any time, choose to give a flat donation instead. 100% of this donation would be directly invested into the preschool.  All donations are tax deductable.

Can I volunteer in my child’s classroom?

Yes! At the Learning Tree we have an Open Door policy and parent volunteers are always welcome, both announced and unannounced.  Each month, starting in October, we will post a volunteer sign-up sheet on the classroom bulletin board so that we can plan for an extra set of “helping hands” in the classroom.  We have a ‘more the merrier’ attitude towards volunteers in the classroom.  There is always room for more than one volunteer on a given day.  We understand life is busy and we appreciate parent help both inside and outside of the classroom.  Let your teachers know how you are able to volunteer your time. Everything from making play dough, cutting out crafts, and volunteering in the classroom is appreciated.