Please note the “do’s and don’ts” below to help us stay in compliance with the most recent MDHHS orders. We love having youth play basketball in the West Gym. Please work with us to keep this great community resource available!

  • Check in at the Welcome Center.
  • Remain 6 ft. apart when not in play.
  • Wear masks correctly (over your nose!) at all times.
  • Space out activity to all 6 half-court hoops if available.
  • Enjoy have court shoot-a-arounds.
  • Maintain 6 or less players per hoop.
  • Use Purell stations regularly. 
  • Scrimmage or play games involving contact (per the 1/14/21 order)
  • Play personal music out loud.
  • Wear your mask below your nose.
  • Exceed the gym capacity of 42 people.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Watch our website and Facebook page for changes.