Making Connections


The Teen Adventure Center (TAC) is a safe, social, engaging environment that teens can come to after school from 3:00 to 5:30 pm for FREE. Both members and nonmembers are welcome!  The Teen Adventure Center will be open Monday through Thursday during the school year, excluding holidays and spring break.

The Y is easily accessed through Harbor Transit and makes stops at all GHAPS.  Click HERE for more information.

Teen Adventure Center Goals

  1. We seek to help Teens:
  2. Grow personally
  3. Demonstrate the core values
  4. Improve relationships
  5. Develop leadership abilities
  6. HAVE FUN!


Students who wish to come to the Teen Adventure Center must register by completing the TAC Packet Forms below BEFORE they can participate in the program.  Once this packet is turned in, teens will receive a TAC membership card.  They must bring this card with them when they attend the TAC.  Additional information is included in our TAC Handbook below.

Here are descriptions of some activities that are offered:

  • Chill – Teens can choose what they want to do in the teen center. Air hockey, ping pong, Xbox 360, Wii, corn hole, hanging with friends, etc
  • Adiós – Wrap up the day’s activities, clean up a little, and then free time until it is time to leave. The saddest part of the entire program 🙁
  • Acrobat Training – practice juggling, walk on stilts, and balance on a tight-rope!
  • Bball Frenzy! – Organized games of teen basketball
  • Cards Competition – A friendly game of euchre, or maybe a Texas hold’em competition, crazy eights, or go fish.
  • Board Game Bonanza – Apples to apples, chutes and ladders, monopoly, Life, and much, much more.
  • Bump, Set, Spike – Volleyball
  • Climb Higher! – An afternoon of Rock Climbing and bouldering that is sure to challenge any student!
  • Cooking Concoctions: cooking and baking simple recipes
  • Dodgeball Mania – Dodgeball, dodgeball, and more dodgeball!
  • Express Yourself – Art: drawing, painting, design, painting, rubbings, etc.
  • Gaga Pit – playing the game; if you don’t know what it is, come find out!
  • Get Fit – A fitness class designed around teens. Could include yoga, Zumba, teen cardio, cycling, etc.
  • Imagine – Imagination Station. May include capture the flag and games
  • Mission Impossible – two teams compete to cross a room without touching the floor using only the items provided for you
  • Music Mix-up – Focus on music: listening, making, and appreciating it
  • Special Sports – Play a sport that isn’t listed in other acticvities. Could include swimming, skateboarding, skating, baseball, kickball, soccer, etc.
  • Special Tourney – A tournament; could include euchre, ping pong, corn-hole, Wii Sports, an Xbox game, etc
  • Tailgating – Cornhole, lawn golf, crazy drinks, maybe hot dogs, and getting the spirit! Decorate yourself with your favorite team’s colors.
  • Teen Choice – Any special activity that the teens want to do
  • Teen Talent Show – Teens can show off a special skill, tell jokes, play an instrument, or do a skit
  • Planning Committee– The teens will plan the schedule for the next month.